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100/101 .22short A, HA, D, HD B, HB, GB C22 short Duramatic G380 Military Grip Models Supermatic

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The following High Standard guns use the A, HA magazines: A, HA, D, HD, HD-USA and HD-MIL

All High Standard Victor models will use the Military Grip magazines

The following High Standard non military grip guns will use the Supermatic magazine: Sport King, Field King, Supermatic, Supermatic Tournament, Supermatic Citation , Supermatic Trophy and most current models

Cosmetic differences are common between new and old production magazines. High Standard guns are also particular about ammo brands/types that are used with them and the magazine feed lip angle. The feed lips of the magazines may need to be adjusted to the particular gun and the type of ammo that is used, it is a common problem. Plain smooth round nosed ammo should used in the gun, not hollow point or otherwise truncated nosed ammo. Some match ammo may be too long to feed in the older guns.

The rear feed lips should be about .185? from the factory. This dimension should be increased very slightly if the bullets are feeding too low, and it should be decreased very slightly if the bullets are feeding too high. The magazine feed lips are heat-treated and will break if they are adjusted too much at one time. Also the feed lips may drag on slide feed rail if decreased in width too much. The assistance of a competent local gunsmith is recommended. We do not accept returns on altered or damaged magazines.

Steve's Pages has breakdown diagrams for many High Standard guns. His site is paid for thru donations on his site from people that found it useful. Click here to open his website


Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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